S.M.Mahdi Alavi

(Apr. 2024 – Present) Adjunct Assistant Professor
    University of Waterloo

(Apr. 2022 – Present) Battery State Estimation Engineer
    Automotive R&D Center, Stellantis (Fiat-Chrysler) 

(Apr. 2017 – Apr. 2022) Assistant Professor
    Cardiff Metropolitan University, Shahid Beheshti University

Research Summary

I have demonstrated track record and experience in the design of condition monitoring and control systems for transportation electrification and neural engineering. 

In transportation electrification, my research is in battery modeling & monitoring, power electronics (impedance spectroscopy and wireless power transfer), and grid integration problems.

In neural engineering, my research is in non-invasive brain stimulation with a focus on closed-loop automated and optimal transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

During my PhD and first post-doc experience, I worked on wireless sensor networks (WSNs), and their application in networked monitoring systems.

I designed and taught a range of courses in these areas. I supervised 5 Masters theses, and co-authored over 45 peer-reviewed papers.

Recent Preprints/Papers:

  • SMM Alavi, “Closed-Loop Estimation of Neurostimulation Strength-Duration Curve Using Fisher Information Optimization and Comparison With Uniform and Random Methods,” bioRxiv, 2023. Link
  • SMM Alavi, A Mahdi, F Vila-Rodriguez, SM Goetz, “Identifiability analysis and noninvasive online estimation of the first-order neural activation dynamics in the brain with closed-loop transcranial magnetic stimulation,” IEEE Trans on Biomedical Engineering, 70(9), 2564-2572, 2023. Featured Article selected by the Editorial Board.

Sample Videos

Controllable Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (cEIS)

Robust Control of Wireless Power Transfer System

TMS ioFit using Optimal Sampling

TMS Lab Test